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Attach jamb extension reinforced plate      >      Jamb area extended     >      Jamb supporting force increased

Method increasing the supporting force of the jamb using jamb field of PHC post


When constructing the PHC pile, constructed by injected precast method, iron jamb extension plate is attached to pile jamb to extend the area of the jamb, increasing the supporting power of the jamb and the PHC pile


1. Weld and attach iron jamb reinforced plate to the jamb of existing PHC pile,

2. Settle it on a fixed depth (corresponding to IN Chi 50/20-6)

3. Remove slime using high pressure spray (do not cross lathe with auger)

4. Insert cement paste and draw auger

5.. Clean the jamb part of the post, then externally insert with 6 taps to increase supporting power

Characteristic and effectiveness of the method

Reduction in 10% of foundation rebar and concrete for increase in construct ability and reduction in piles; 30% reduction in duration for pile machine results in reduction of financial cost and operating cost; reduction in waste; minimization of interference between constructions for easier follow-up construction

· Increase in jamb supporting power :
Installment of jamb reinforced plate extends jamb area, increasing jamb supporting power

· Increase in construction on site :
- Simple attachment of jamb extension plate on site
- Slight improvement to existing method and applying it
- Maximization of site applicability through systematic construction management

· Increase in on-site construct ability :
- Application of increased design load compared to PHC pile of same diameter, reducing the number of pile bones
- Reduction in construction period, base concrete fault rate, and the amount of rebar through reduction in number of pile bones constructed

Construction picture - production of reinforced plate and construction site

  • Reinforced plate production
  • Reinforced plate production complete
  • EXT-Pile production
  • Setting location of pile
  • Inserting pile
  • Checking the amount of subsidence